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Servo Voltage Stabilizer


  • Introduction

  • The Basic System

  • Operating Controls

  • Operating Instructions

  • Technical Details


The line voltage as delivered by the electrical power sector has a wide variation in voltage. Much wider voltage swings are likely where the power line is subjected to wider load variations. It is well known that line voltage that is too high or too low (Sometimes even by a few volts) can decrease the efficiency or shorten the life or introduce error in many Electronic or Electrical Devices. With this chronic problem faced by most users, a reliable power source is required irrespective of the power available from the power sector. This has been the main consideration while introducing Comfort Insta Power Ltd.

A Wide range of Comfort Insta Power Ltd is made available. This enables he user to choose the correct type and capacity depending upon the actual requirment. There are three types to choose from: Single Phase, Three Phase-Balanced type and Three Phase –Unbalanced Type. Various capacities ranging from: Single Phase-1 KVA to 25 KVA and Three Phase- 3 KVA to 500 KVA Facilitates the user to choose the optimum capacity requirement.


Comfort Insta Power Ltd. employs a motor to control the voltage fed into a rugged bust/boost transformer such that the output is precisely regulated. Specially designed electronic feedback control circuitry is used to direct and move the motor appropriately. The output voltage is held within close accuracy of about +/- 1% of the nominal voltage for a wide variable input voltage and output load at a fast correction rate.

The close loop feedback control system uses latest IC circuits and Triacs. This ensures high reliability, stability and long life of the equipment. Also there is no effect of power factor on the operation of the Servo Stabilizer. Pilot is always on giving the mains induction. Visual alarms (Indication) are provided for extreme uncontrolled input voltage range.



This indicator denoted the presence of input to he stabilizer and is always on when the power is present in the stabilizer.


A Voltmeter with a range of 0-300 V/ 500V is provided on the front panel. It enables the user to check the input voltage fed into the stabilizer and the output voltage coming from the stabilizer.


This switch enables the voltmeter to be switched so as to monitor the input or output voltage of the stabilizer. This switch can be set in center position to keep the meter in off position and no reading is displayed on the voltmeter.


This switch enables the stabilizer to function either in the “Auto” mode or in the “Manual” mode. In normal circumstances this switch is set in the “Auto” position only. In “manual” position the output is not stabilized automatically but can be set manually only.


This control enable to change the preset output voltage to any desired voltage level, adjustable by about + or –10V in single-phase models and + or –15 V in three phase models in “Auto” mode.


This switch is used to increase or decrease the output voltage of the stabilizer in “Manual” mode. Change in output voltage is achieved by pressing this switch in appropriate direction.


The High and Low Indication lamp are meant for giving a signal that the input voltage is beyond (High or Lower than) the specified range of the Servo Voltage Stabilizer.


The Input Cable/ Terminal of suitable rating is provided to connect the input supply, which needs to be stabilized.


The output Socket/Terminal of suitable rating is provided to connect the Load.


Before connecting the load to the servo voltage Stabilizer, test the unit as under.

  • Connect the Mains Supply to the Input Cable/Terminal. Switch on the Mains Supply. Mains Indicator will glow indicating the present of Input Voltage.

  • Set Auto/ Manual Switch to’ Auto’ Position and Meter Selector Switch to Input Voltage.

  • Set Meter Selector Switch to Output position. The Output voltage should read 230V+/- 1% in Single Phase and Three Phase Unbalanced Models and 415V +/-1% in Three Phase Balance Models. Adjusting Set Voltage Control on the front panel can do a fine voltage setting. Now the Servo voltage Stabilizer is ready for connecting the load in Auto Mode.

  • To check the Manual function, set the Auto /Manual Switch in Manual position and press the Increase / Decrease switch in increase or decrease direction. The output voltage will increase or decrease correspondingly.

  • Remember to set the Auto / Manual Switch to Auto mode after checking the Manual function, as no automatic output voltage correction takes place in Manual mode.

  • Switch off the input supply and connect the load to the Output Socket/terminal and switch on the Servo voltage Stabilizer.

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