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General Requirements


Supervision and Quality Control


General Information


Supplies and Equipment


Labor Relations










Audit and Payments






Considerations for Preparation of Quote


Schedule "A" - Cleaning Outline


Office Areas, Lounges, Club Rooms, Classrooms




Lobby/Entry Areas








Day Care Center


Sports Facilities




Carpet Cleaning


Pricing Breakdown




Square footage


Bid Specifications/Cleaning
General Requirements

  1. Contractor is to furnish high-quality cleaning maintenance services at the ABC building, outlined in the attached Schedule "A", in a professional and consistent manner.

  2. Contractor will provide trained labor and supervision as described in the following pages.

  3. All labor and supervision will be employees of the Contractor and Contractor will pay all salaries, wages, expenses, and related federal taxes, social security taxes, state and local taxes, unemployment taxes, and other similar taxes which apply to such employees.

  4. The facility shall be cleaned six nights per week, Sunday through Friday according to a schedule established between the Contractor and ABC.

In the event the building would not require cleaning services on a specific evening, a credit amount shall be calculated on a daily basis and deducted from the monthly billing.

  1. Contractor shall at all times during the term of this agreement, obtain and maintain in effect the following insurance: Workmen's Compensation with statutory limits, bodily injury with limits of $1,000,000 for each person and $1,000,000 for each occurrence, property damage with limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and an umbrella policy in the amount of $5,000,000 to extend coverage beyond the aforesaid limits.

This insurance package should include "Third Party bonding" for additional protection. Such policies shall be non-cancelable except on thirty-(30) day's written notice to the ABC Company and list ABC Company as additionally insured.

  1. Contractor along with the ABC Company representative will develop a comprehensive set of employee rules and regulations intended to identify proper behavior while working at the ABC building.

  2. During the first ninety-(90) days of an employee's assignment at the ABC Company, Contractor agrees to remove the employee at the direction of the ABC Company. The ABC Company may request such removal with or without cause. In the event of such removal, the Contractor shall immediately replace an employee removed. Removal of an employee after the first ninety-(90) days will be based on just and reasonable cause.

  3. The ABC may from time to time issue equipment to the Contractor for use by its employees while on duty at the ABC. The cost to replace/repair any damage caused by Contractor personnel to such equipment beyond normal wear and/or usage will be the responsibility of the Contractor. Said equipment is not to be removed from site.

  4. Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and rules of federal, state and local governments.

  5. The Contractor shall use no products, supplies or equipment that will result in damage or injury to the surface to which they are applied. The Contractor shall be liable for restoring, repairing or replacing any equipment or surfaces so damaged.

  6. No experimentation with products, supplies or equipment shall be performed at the ABC Company without prior written approval of ABC Management. This approval shall in no way limit the liability defined in No. 10 above.

  7. Selected Contractor will be required to furnish MSD Sheets and an employee safety manual covering a Hazard Communication Program, a Hazard Assessment Plan, and an Exposure Control Plan.

  8. A list of products and supplies to be used shall be furnished to the ABC Company prior to Contractor selection.

Supervision And Quality Control

  1. A strong supervisory support group will be developed to assure that high quality standards are maintained at the ABC Company. An organizational structure similar to that outlined below will be required. The Contractor and the Facility Manager of the ABC Company will develop the specific details and organizations of this program

    1. Site Supervisor - On site at all times when facility cleaners are scheduled. This person would begin working prior to facility cleaners scheduled arrival to organize supplies, equipment and special cleaning requests. The Site Supervisor's responsibilities will include on the job supervision, evaluation of work quality, reprimands, training and completion of shift reports.

    2. Quality Control Supervisor - This person would visit the site at least once per week to assess quality of cleaning. These shall be non-routine and unscheduled visits. A report is to be delivered to the Facility Manager's office after each visit.

    3. In addition to the above, an active management support group would be necessary to supply in-service training programs and other education to supervisors and facility cleaners. During the first week of Contractor's employee's assignment at the ABC Company, Contractor will supply additional supervision to assist in initial training. There will be no additional cost to the ABC Company.

  2. Prior to being assigned to the ABC Company, Contractor's employee will be adequately trained at Contractor's expense.

  3. A communications log shall be kept in the Facility Manager's office to record complaints, special cleaning requests, and instructions. Additions to this log shall be picked up daily, by the site supervisor, prior to the beginning of the employee's dispatch.

Employees - General Information

  1. Rules & Regulations - All Contractor's employees will be required to abide by set of rules and regulations developed by Contractor and ABC Company. Contractor's supervisory staff shall enforce these rules and regulations through a progressive disciplinary system of reprimands, suspensions and termination.

  2. Emergency Coverage - Contractor will, upon limited notice, be capable of providing a number of employees necessary to attend to emergency situations.

  3. Parking - Parking will be provided to Contractor's employees at the ABC Company.

  4. Call-in Replacements - Call-in employees shall be available to replace sick, vacationing, or absent employees. They shall meet all the requirements of regularly scheduled employees.

  5. Identification - Contractor will supply each employee with a pictured I.D. badge, which must be worn, by Contractor's employees at all times while in the building.

Supplies And Equipment

  1. Contractor shall supply all equipment and cleaning supplies necessary to perform cleaning services set forth in this agreement. Items excluded are: hand towels, toilet tissue, plastic liners, toilet seat covers, hand and shower soap, and sanitary supplies. These items will be supplied by the ABC Company. All equipment shall be continually serviced to maintain its efficiency and appearance. This equipment shall include, but not be limited to, cleaner's carts, trash collecting receptacles, mops, buckets, brooms, dusting equipment, vacuum cleaners and buffers.

  2. Unless otherwise noted all surface and floor cleaners shall be a germicidal or disinfectant solution. All floor finishes and dust treatments must be approved by Underwriters Laboratories for safety and slip resistant quality.

  3. The ABC Company reserves the right to require Contractor to change products used, if in the Facility Manager's opinion the products used do not achieve quality results.

  4. The ABC Company may also provide supplies to Contractor. In the event the Company provides the supplies, Contractor will reimburse the ABC Company.

  5. The ABC Company will provide and maintain a trash compactor for Contractor's use at no charge to Contractor.

Labor Relations

Contractor will be responsible for employee and labor relations in regard to its employees. In the event Contractor negotiates a contract with any employee or labor organization, the contract shall not obligate the ABC Company to Contractor's employees or to any labor organization on the termination of this agreement or at any other time. In the event that the Contractor knows or has reason to suspect that a labor dispute may prevent timely performance under this agreement, all information concerning the dispute shall immediately be sent to the Facility Manager.


Any overtime resulting from the failure of Contractor's employees to report to work or any other conditions caused by Contractor shall be the responsibility of Contractor and not billed to the ABC Company.


The Contractor shall not use the ABC Company's name, photograph, facsimile, or otherwise associate itself with the Campus in any way for commercial or advertising purposes without prior written consent of the Company.


  1. In addition to the liability imposed by law upon Contractor due to other damage to property or personal injury (including death) arising from its assumption of operations under this Agreement, Contractor hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and save the ABC Company, its agents, employees, officers and directors harmless against any and all loss, damage, liability, claims, demands or costs (including attorney fees) resulting from injury or harm to persons or property (including, without limitation, Contractor's employees or property), excepting only such injury or harm as may have been caused solely by the willful misconduct or gross negligence of the ABC Company or its agents, officers, directors or employees. Contractor's activities shall be deemed to include those of subcontractors.

  2. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the defense and indemnify provisions of this section include:

    1. Claims due to the use, misuse or failure of any vehicle even though such vehicle may be rented, loaned or furnished to Contractor by the ABC Company. This includes claims for damage to the ABC Company's property.


  1. The ABC Company shall have the right to assign this Agreement to any successor, or to any associated or affiliated entity of the Company without securing the consent of the Contractor, and may grant to such assignee the same rights and privileges it enjoys pursuant to this Agreement.

  2. The Contractor shall not assign or otherwise transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the ABC Company. Consent will not be unreasonably withheld. Any attempted assignment not consented to in the manner as prescribed herein shall, at the option of the Company, be null and void.

Audit and Payments

  1. The contractor will invoice the ABC Company on a monthly basis and will mail or deliver the summary to the ABC Company at its offices. The invoices will provide for payment to Contractor within thirty (30) days.

  2. As full compensation for the performance of Contractor's obligations hereunder, the ABC Company will pay the Contractor pursuant to the bid rate corresponding to the occupied square footage of the building.


This agreement shall become effective and shall continue in full force and effect as of the date on which the Service Company commences its duties hereunder for a period of ninety (90) days. After that period, it will be on a month-to-month basis. Either party may cancel this agreement after the initial ninety (90) day period by giving thirty (30) days written once to the other. In addition, the ABC Company reserves the right to terminate immediately due to the following situations.

  1. Upon notification that Contractor has filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy or is seeking similar relief in another forum, that Contractor is the debtor identified in an involuntary petition in bankruptcy, or if the ABC Company has reasonable grounds to believe that Contractor is insolvent and has committed an act of bankruptcy.

  2. Should any actions by the Contractor or the Contractor's personnel disrupt in any manner the ABC Company's ability to conduct business or interfere with the normal operations of any tenant.

  3. Any claim for future damages against the ABC Company for failing to fulfill the terms of this Agreement or to give the prescribed amount of notice to terminate shall be limited to those damages occurring during or resulting from the Company's failure to provide Contractor with the prescribed notice.


Forbearance or neglect on the part of the ABC Company to insist upon compliance by the Contractor with the terms of the Agreement shall not be construed or constitute a waiver of its rights hereunder.

Considerations for Preparation of Quote

  1. The ABC Company possesses a variety of types of facilities. There are offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, day care facilities, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor pools, racquetball courts, showers, locker rooms, steam rooms, saunas, and cultural arts facilities.

  2. The basic office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Day Care facilities are open Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The day school is open Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The ABC Company is open seven days per week - Sunday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.; Monday - Thursday, 5:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.; Friday, 5:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; Saturday, 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. The following holidays will be observed and no services provided: Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, July 4th, and Memorial Day. Additional wages are paid out should service be required on legal holidays.

  3. Additional workmen employed at the direction of the ABC Company to extend service areas or specifications shall be billed at additional cost.

It is advisable that the person preparing the quote meets with the Facility Manager to discuss how the building is used in order to get a sense of the needs of the housekeeping program.

Service Schedule A

Janitorial services will be provided to all areas of building except kitchen, art gallery, cafeteria and certain other designated spaces. On Sunday evening the following areas will be cleaned: Main lobby and corridor to lower level, stairs to lower level, 1st and 2nd floor halls and restrooms, Sports Center, all lounges and club rooms.

Office Areas, Lounges, Club Rooms, Classrooms


  1. Empty all waste containers. Replace soiled basket liners as required.

  2. Wipe spillage from trash can tops.

  3. Remove all designated trash to disposal areas.

  4. Damp wipe, clean, and disinfect all tables.

  5. Dust all tops of furniture, window ledges, telephones, partitions, file cabinets and other horizontal surfaces.

  6. Straighten magazines and periodicals on reception tables.

  7. Spot clean all interior partition glass

  8. Wash both sides of glass doors

  9. Remove fingerprints from around doors and light switches.

  10. Power vacuum all carpeted areas.

  11. Dust mop all floors. Damp mop to remove spillage.

  12. Secure all suite doors and light.


  1. Dust all lower areas of chairs, file cabinets, desk, etc.

  2. Dust tops of picture frames and high ledges.

  3. General high dust partitions, and other vertical surfaces.


  1. Spray buff all resilient tile and hard surface floors.

  2. Clean all baseboards and doorjambs.

  3. Power vacuum upholstered furniture.

  4. Dust venetian blinds.

Twice Per Year

  1. Strip and refinish all tile floors as needed. Buff to shine.

  2. Clean all baseboards and doorjambs.

  3. Vacuum all ceiling air vents.

  4. Dust with treated cloths, all wood wall surfaces.

Lavatories - Sports Area Included


  1. Empty and clean waste receptacles.

  2. Replenish all paper towel, tissue, and hand soap dispensers.

  3. Dust all ledges, dispensers and partitions.

  4. Clean top, bottom and side surfaces, inside and out of all stools and urinals using a disinfectant cleaner.

  5. Clean both sides of stool seats using a disinfectant cleaner.

  6. Clean and polish all bright work.

  7. Clean wash basins inside and out.

  8. Clean mirrors and counter tops.

  9. Mop all floors using a disinfectant cleaner.

  10. Clean both sides of doors to restrooms.

  11. Report to supervisor, malfunctioning of equipment.

  12. Spot clean all stall partitions and wall.


  1. Wipe down all partitions, doors and walls using a disinfectant cleaner.

  2. Clean stools and urinals with non-acid bowl cleaner as needed.

  3. Pour water into floor drain units.


  1. Machine scrub restroom floors. Strip seal tile floors where designated.

  2. High dust or vacuum all walls and air diffusers.

  3. Damp wipe and clean wall tile using a disinfectant cleaner.

Lobby/Entry Area


  1. Empty and clean trash receptacles

  2. Power vacuum carpets.

  3. Clean and disinfectant all drinking fountains.

  4. Clean both sides of entrance doors and maintain metal around doors.

  5. Sweep and damp mop hard surface floors.

  6. Clean all directory glass areas.

  7. Dust all medium level and low level ledges.

  8. Set alarms. Secure all doors.


  1. Dust all top ledges and walls.

  2. Power vacuum upholstered furniture.

Twice Per Year

  1. Strip and refinish hard floors as needed.


  1. High dust all wall areas.



  1. Empty all trash containers and remove designated trash to disposal areas.

  2. Power vacuum carpets.

  3. Clean and disinfect all drinking fountains

  4. Clean both sides of entrance doors and glass.

  5. Sweep hard surface floors. Damp mop to remove spillage.

  6. Spot clean wall areas around elevator call buttons.

  7. Damp wipe fingerprints from door frames, etc.


  1. Dust all ledge areas, high and low.

  2. Spot wash fingerprints from wall areas.


  1. Clean baseboards and door jambs.

Twice Per Year

  1. High dust all wall areas.

  2. Vacuum all ceiling air vents.

  3. Strip and refinish hard surface floors.



  1. Power vacuum carpets. Damp mop tile floors.

  2. Dust all walls and ledges.

  3. Damp wipe fingerprints and smudges from all surfaces.


  1. Vacuum all elevator tracks and floor threshold plates.

  2. Damp wipe and clean elevator threshold plates and tracks.

  3. All elevator frames, doors and walls cleaned and polished.

  4. Buff hard surface elevator floors.


  1. Strip and seal hard surface floors.

Stairwells - Including sport area


  1. Remove obvious debris.

  2. Vacuum or sweep stairways.

  3. Spot mop for spillage.

  4. Spot clean walls within 70".


  1. Damp mop all tile.

  2. Dust lower wall areas.

  3. Damp wipe handrails.

  4. Buff landings.


  1. Dust high wall areas within 70", remove cobwebs.


  1. Strip and seal landings.

Day Care Center


  1. Clean walls and baseboards in toilet area.

  2. Empty all waste containers. Replace soiled basket liners as required.

  3. Wipe spillage from trash can tops.

  4. Remove all trash to disposal areas.

  5. Dust all tops of furniture, window ledges, telephones, partitions, file cabinets and other horizontal surfaces.

  6. Wash both sides of glass doors.

  7. Remove fingerprints from around doors and light switches.

  8. Spot clean all interior partition glass.

  9. Power vacuum all carpeted areas.

  10. Dust mop all floors. Damp mop to remove spillage.

  11. Clean with germicidal cleaner all table tops, counters, desks and other areas as directed.


  1. Buff floors.


  1. Strip and seal hard surface floors.

Sports Center


  1. Dust mop racquetball courts, gym floor and aerobics floor.

  2. Spot clean glass on racquetball courts.

  3. Spot clean mirrors in the aerobics studio.

  4. Vacuum carpeted areas.

  5. Damp wipe counter tops and benches.

  6. Scrub and disinfect all shower walls and floors to remove mold, mildew, and soap scum.

  7. Wipe with disinfectant the entire inside of the steam room.

  8. Wet mop the sauna floor and wipe down the benches.


  1. Dust the tops of the lockers.

  2. Vacuum crevices in floor and benches of sauna rooms to remove debris.


  1. Wash the outside, exterior windows once each year.

  2. Wash both sides of all interior partition glass once per year.

Carpet Cleaning

Please include the following specifications for a carpet cleaning program; and indicate if this work will be done by your own employees or subcontracted to another company

Two Times per Week

  1. Clean main lobby, reception area, security area, front stairs.

  2. Clean all main and upper level hallways.

  3. Clean main sports hallway.

One Time per Week

  1. Clean all locker rooms and track area in fitness center.

  2. Clean social hall and dining room.

  3. Clean boardroom.

Two Times per Month

  1. Clean cafe

One Time per Month

  1. All other carpeted areas.

One Time per Year

  1. Scotchguard carpet in boardroom and lobby.

Pricing Breakdown

The following pricing breakdown is requested to insure clarity and fair comparison in all submitted bids.

  1. Price for Sunday through Friday janitorial service.

  2. Price for annual window cleaning.

  3. Price for carpet cleaning program.

  4. Per hour price for additional labor on a non-emergency basis.

  5. Per hour price for additional labor on an emergency basis.

  6. Please indicate if job will be staffed with full-time or part-time people

  7. Please indicate number of hours to be used to clean facility.

  8. Please indicate wages to be paid to janitorial staff.


Please furnish a minimum of three references, (100,000 sq. ft or larger) that may be contacted or toured upon request.

Square Footage

Cleanable square footage is 159,267 square feet. Attached please find a square footage breakdown and map for reference. Highlighted areas are not to be included in the janitorial contract specifications.

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