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Report Controls
The Report forms are used to direct how and to where a report is to be printed.
One of the basic options in the Report forms is the destination of the report. You can select to preview the report on the screen, send the report to the printer or save the report to a text file for editing. If you select File, you will be given an opportunity to change the default text file name to a more appropriate name for the report. To change the name, click on the … button.
There are a five other basic options that may also be available depending on the report that you select.
You may be given the option of limiting the reported values to a time period with a Starting and Ending Date, or just an Ending Date for all information up to a point in time.
Drop-Down Lists
You may be given the option of limiting the reported values through selecting values from a list such as Accounts, Types, Months, Employees, Enterprises, Budget or Ownership. The report will only include those records that match the selected value.

Include Only Non-Zero Accounts
Many financial reports get cluttered with accounts that have a zero balance. You can remove those zero-balance accounts by having the Include Only Non-Zero Accounts selected.

Check Boxes with Drop-Down Lists
Some reports give you optional lists of values with which to limit the reported values. To activate a list, just click on the corresponding check box. The list will become active. Just select a value from the list to limit the report to that value.
Ordered Lists
Some reports give you the option of changing the order in which a list of items is printed. To change the order, simply click on the Set Order button below the list. The Set List Order window will appear and allow you to change the order of the list.
Settings Menu
The Settings Menu gives you control over the way you work with reports in Childcare Professional. You can setup a report with the settings that you like and save those settings to be used every time you view the report. Or you can create a new report with those settings. You can also reset the report settings back to their original states.
How do I save the settings for a report?

  • To save the settings for a report:

After you set all the controls in a Report Form, select Save Settings from the Settings Menu. The settings will be saved as the default settings for the current report. Every time you open the current Report Form, the settings will be as you set them.
How do I restore the settings for a report?

  • To restore the settings for a report:

If you have changed some of the controls in a Report Form and you would like to change them back to the your standard settings, select Restore Settings from the Settings Menu. The settings will be changed back the way the Report Form was when you opened it.

How do I reset the default settings for a report?

  • To reset the default settings:

If you have changed some of the controls in a Report Form and would like to change them back to the way they were when the program was first installed, select Reset Defaults from the Settings Menu. Any changes you made to the settings since you installed the software will be removed and all the controls reset.
Memorized Reports
Childcare Professional let you create your own reports by saving the settings of standard reports or other memorized reports under a different name. If you need to print several configurations of a report, you can save each of the configurations under a different name and just select them off the memorized report list when you need them.
How do I create a new report?

  • To create a new report:

  1. Set all of the controls for a Report Form to the settings you want for your new report.

  2. Select Memorize Report from the Settings Menu. The Enter Report Name window will appear.

  3. Enter the Report Name.

  4. Click on the Update button.

Your new report is saved and ready to be used anytime you need it.

How do I run a new report?

  • To run a memorized report:

  1. Select Memorized Reports from the Reports Menu. The Memorized Reports window will appear.

  2. Select the report you want to run.

  3. Click on the Run button. Your saved Report Form will appear.

  4. Click on the Done button when you are done running memorized reports

Technical Support
There is a help topic for every window that appears in Childcare professional. If you get confused about what to do, the first thing to do is press the F1 key.
If you are still uncertain what to do, use this manual to read about what you can do with the window you are in. This manual goes into detail about how to do most of the day-to-day activities with Childcare Professional.
If after consulting the online help and the pages of this manual, you still need guidance, the next step is to ask Kask Software for Technical Support. Please see the next section on how you can receive Technical Support from Kask Software.
Technical Support
Sometimes, due to the nature of computers, operating systems, software and hard drives, problems can occur. The best course of action is to make a note of the following information:

  1. What you were doing at the time of the problem.

  2. The messages given to you about the problem including error number and message.

  3. What operating system you are using. (E.g.: Windows 95, Windows 98, etc.)

There are several ways to obtain support from Kask Software. The support methods are:
Mail: Kask Software

P.O. Box 1143

Minot, ND 58702-1143
E-mail: support@kasksoftware.com

Web Site: www.kasksoftware.com

  1. Registration

Every time you startup Childcare Professional, a reminder will appear telling you how many days are left of your 30-day money-back guarantee period. When the time runs out, you must register Childcare Professional with Kask Software in order to continue using it.
How do I register Childcare Professional?

  • To register Childcare Professional:

  1. Select Registration… from the Help Menu. The Confirm Registration window will appear.

  2. Click on the link to the Registration web page.

  3. Enter the 10-digit Serial Number listed in part 2 into the Registration Form. You should receive your confirmation number by return email within one business day.

  4. When you receive the Confirmation Number, enter it in the box in part 1.

  5. When the correct confirmation number is entered in the box in part 1, the Ok button will be available.

  6. Click on the Ok button.

Your software is now confirmed and you will be able to use it beyond the 30-day money-back guarantee period. After confirmation, please close Childcare Professional and restart it so that it can properly set itself up

.Appendix A

Memo Formats
There are several memos in Childcare Professional that are used in calculating bills and presenting billing statements and receipts that allow you to use special codes so that you can personalize the messages for the child or parent that it is intended for. You can use the following codes in Receipt and Billing Memos:
%pf% This will be replaced by the parents’ first name whenever the memo is used.
%pl% This will be replaced by the parent’s last name whenever the memo is used.
%cf% This will be replaced by the child’s first name whenever the memo is used.
%cl% This will be replaced by the child’s last name whenever the memo is used.
For example, if you wanted a receipt memo to say ‘Thank you, Seth, for your payment.’ You would enter the following in the the receipt memo blank:
Thank you, %pf%, for your payment.
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