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Sales Contract

PX-NK-500-BP Full-Automatic Full-function Baby Diaper Production Line

ONE. Machine Name, Model, Quantity, Amount and Delivery time:

Name of Equipment



Total Amount

Delivery Time

Full-Automatic High-Speed Baby Diaper Machine (also can produce baby diaper pad)


One set

USD 407,000


Within 180 working days after receiving the 30% of total as deposit and the confirmed drawing.


Nine sets


S,M,L and XL, one set for each

Total four sets

Air compressor

Chinese famous brand

One set

Air tank


Glue applicators

NDC Chanese famous brand

Four sets

Manual pushing machine

Two sets

Manual sealing machine

Two sets

Two. Main Technical Parameter

The sizes of products are S, M, L and XL.

The specification of products is: as the product drawing confirmed by both sides.

  1. Designed Production Speed: 450 PCS/min

  2. Stable Production Speed: 300-350PCS/min (under the condition of high-grade of hot melt applicators, and against the common baby diapers.)

  3. Power: 380V, 50Hz

  4. Machine frame used 120*120*8 rectangle-pipe

  5. Knife holder used φ45 steel adjusting

  6. Machine Capacity: 160Kw(excluding power of glue applicators and air-compressor) (set temporarily)

  7. Wasted Products Rate: ≤2% (exclude the circumstances when glue applicator breaks down or auto-splicing material)

  8. Overall Size (Exclude stacker and crusher) (L X W X H m): 18m X 2.2M X 3.5m (set temporarily)

  9. Weight: about 40 T ( exclude stacker and crusher)

  10. The direction of production: ________________________________

Three. Basic Assembling Unit:

  1. Teeth-like type high-speed crusher can take untreated pulp (with insulative system, electric lifting pulp shelf), semi-treated pulp and treated pulp. It adopts frequency-converter (one set) to control wood pulp supplying amount.

  2. Double-screw type of SAP adding unit. The SAP supplying amount is adjusted by frequency-converter motor (one set).

  3. Cotton core is molded in web wheel, one set mold, width can be adjusted.

  4. Cotton core absorb and transfer wheel.

  5. Cotton core smooth-embossing unit, air-cylinder press.

  6. Cotton core net square embossing unit, air-cylinder press.

  7. Cotton core is wrapped. The lower ply of tissue paper wrap the upper ply of tissue paper and cotton core inside.

  8. Cotton core cut off unit, pressure added by springs.

  9. Non-woven fabric cutting and folding unit.

  10. Elastic rubber adhesive embossing unit, air-cylinder press, embossing width can be adjusted

  11. Three piece materials sewing and embossing unit, air-cylinder press, embossing width can be adjusted.

  12. Guide-flow N.W. fabric (Blue protrusion/ADL) supplying and cutting unit, driving eccentric wheel assisted adhesion.

  13. Elastic rubber band/Lycra unwinding by frequency converter ( two sets), among them, 3-4 pieces of elastic bands are equipped in two sides of cotton core, while 1-2 pieces of elastic bands are equipped in two sides of protection-leakage. The tension of elastic rubber bands is step-less adjusted.

  14. Elastic waist band supplying and cutting and stretching unit.

  15. P.E. film and N.W. are glued together on line as the back sheet.

  16. With frontal tape supplying and cutting unit, driving eccentric wheel assisted adhesion. (It can spray glue on the production line directly.)

  17. Three rollers pulling and compaction unitⅠ.

  18. With left and right waist tape adding and cutting unit, split knife shelf, cut width can be adjusted, driving eccentric wheel assisted adhesion.

  19. With left and right waist tape folding and pressing unit.

  20. Products are with arc-cutter. Press is added by springs. The material for cutting roller is D2 from U.S.A.

  21. Three rollers pulling and compaction unitⅡ.

  22. Products vertically folded unit.

  23. Products cut into shape.

  24. Products are horizontally tri-folded or two folded.

  25. Two sets auto-reject unit.

  26. Products are vertically outputted in one-line, auto counting.

  27. Aluminum with Tempered Safety guard glass.

  28. The main machine adopts frequency-converter (one set) speeder.

  29. The driving system is double main shafts + universal shafts + Circle-arc tooth timing belts + closed-type gear box.

  30. Knife holder is driven by universal shafts.

  31. There are electrical differential units on every position of phase demanded.

  32. There are 6-7 pieces of urgent-stop buttons on back turning doors.

  33. The cotton-conveyance pipes are zincing iron pipe.

  34. Waste-collect box.

  35. Pneumatic system and dust-collect system.

36. Other equipments: 1) There are lighting lamps on the parts of spraying glue and fixing lamps on the back driving parts.

2) There is accounting unit.
Four- Other accessories: (Automatics)

  1. Seven sets of tension control system. There is one set each for P.E. film, hydrophobic N.W., hydrophilic N.W., guide-flow cloth, bottom N.W, lower tissue paper and upper tissue paper. The central unwinding is conducted by frequency converter (14 sets), Constant tension control, auto-off materials, splicing the materials under the condition of not speed-down.

  2. Nine sets of PEIXIN edge-rectifiers. There are three sets in hydrophobic N.W. fabric; while each set for P.E. film, hydrophilic N.W., guide-flow cloth, material splicing, elastic waistline and bottom N.W.

  3. Computerized control system (PLC—touching screen—frequency converter control system)

  4. The button devices are scattered by sections, each button device has the urgent-stop button.

  5. With temperature controller.

  6. The auto / manual switch for each material feeding or material using up can be materialized on the screener or on the button device.

  7. There is manual switch for H.M. applicator on the screener, meanwhile the H.M. applicator can auto stop spraying and scraping the glue when the main machine stop working.

  8. The amount of SAP can be set on the screener.

  9. The amount of wood pulp supplying can be set on the screener.

  10. The output for single shift or total output can be shown on the screener.

  11. Auto gets rid of rejected products during splicing material. Auto inspection on the jointers (It demand that there is fixed color on the joints of materials.) The number of get-rid-of rejects can be set on the screener.

  12. Auto inspects and stops machine when material is used up.

  13. Turning up or slowing down the speed of main machine can be set on the screener. The speed of main machine during working time can be shown on the screener. (pieces/minute)

  14. Auto stop machine when electric parts break down with auto displaying the result of breakdown. Auto store the historical breakdown record.

  15. Equipped with manual switch for rejecting material.

Five- Electric Assemble Part and Others



Origin and raw materials




2.Touch-screen (10.5 inches)



3.Main driving frequency converter



4. low power frequency converter



5.Photo-electric switch for cut material



6. Photo-electric switch for joints



7.Temperature controller



8. Low-voltage electrics



9.Solid relay



10. Azoth electric-rings



12. Turning coder



13.Pnuematic units



14.electric-heat units



15.Knife roller bearings



16. Timing belts

Tiger Power


17.Flat belts



18.Arc-cutter roller


High speed steel



Components from Germany

Six- Spare parts with machine:

  1. One set of operation tools

  2. Some easy-worn parts (refer to the Packing List)

  3. Flat cutter one set

  4. Operation manual one copy

  5. Main electrics’ manual one copy

6. Electric circuit one copy
Seven. After-sales service and installation and testing:

  1. The seller can arrange the transference instead of the buyer but the freight is for the buyer’s account.

2. Supplier is on charge of the equipment’s installation and technical training at buyer’s country, while the roundtrip air tickets, meal, accommodation and 50 dollars as per day salary for each technician should be born by buyer.

  1. One year guarantee, service for ever ( but the knife cylinders, timing belts, flat belts, bearings and others do not include in the scope of guarantee)

Eight. Terms of payment:

The 30% of total value is required as down payment upon the confirmation of the contract and the rest 70% to be paid before delivery.
Nine. The standard of the inspection on the machine:

It will last ten minutes under the speed of 300 pieces per minute. (On the condition that if buyer wants seller to inspect the machine for above ten minutes, the cost of material will be born by buyer)
Ten. The responsibility for breach on the contract:

According to the relative stipulations, and the way to solve the disputes between the buyer and seller is amicable negotiation against Law of the contract.

Eleven. The Contract will be invalid until signature and seals from two parties meanwhile the down payment from the buyer.
Eleven: Regarding the others not mentioned here, it will be solved by amicable discussion between the two parties.

Supplier: Buyer:

Signature: Signature:

Telephone: Telephone:

Add: Add:

Stamp: Stamp:

Date: Date:


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